Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Book Review: What Daddy Did Today by Walter Wally

We read so much around here. Right now I have several books going. One I read on my Kindle while I'm at the gym, a couple other self-improvement type books that I'm in the process of, one I'm reading for an upcoming review, yet another I'm reading to Bethany and Connor, and also one that I'm reading to Lucy and Mathilda. On top of those, I usually read several books to Mathilda and Lucy daily. We have tons of books at our house, even taking into consideration the three big boxes full of children's books that I recently donated. Plus we go to the library often, and typically  have a couple dozen library books hanging around too. I will be so sad when the day comes that my kids don't want me to read to them anymore. I love kids' books! I can't imagine a day when I don't have an excuse to read them on a daily basis.

I was thrilled when author Walter Wally asked me to review his book, What Daddy Did Today: A Father's Bedtime Story. He sent me a beautiful hardcover edition, and I read it to my little girls at bedtime last night. It occurred to me that maybe Chris should read it to them, but he wasn't home and I had to get on with things. So I will suggest he read it to them another night this week.

What Daddy Did Today is a fun book about what dad does when he leaves for work in the morning. I love that it's written from the dad's perspective, because that's not all that common. The book is silly and whimsical, with colorful illustrations on every page. The prose is simple and rhythmical, and had Lucy and Mattie giggling and engrossed. I don't know if Walter is a daddy, but if he is, I bet his kids are treated to awesome bedtime stories on a nightly basis!

This book will be staying on the book shelf next to Lucy's bed, where our bedtime books reside for easy access. Mattie is looking at it right now and asking me to read it to her again...duty calls!

I received a copy of What Daddy Did Today for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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