Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Fun: Monster Jam

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam
Monster Jam - Ford Field - March 2, 2013

We had so much going on over the weekend! It was busy and fun, if a little hectic. Bethany had a few basketball games, Chris's band was on our local Fox 2 morning show, Connor turned 10, and we went to Monster Jam downtown at Ford Field. Not necessarily in that order!

None of us had ever been to Monster Jam, so we were really excited about that and not sure what to expect. My initial plan was to get downtown early for the pre-show Pit Party, so the kids could see the trucks up close and we could find a decent parking spot. But the day just wasn't going that way for us. Between basketball games and Chris trying to get everything ready for his band's TV appearance the following morning, we barely made it out the door by 5:45. The show started at 7, so in theory this might sound like plenty of time, considering that on a good day it takes us about 25 minutes to get downtown. Time to spare, right? WRONG.

We made great time, right up until the point when we reached our exit and realized about a gazillion other people were getting off at our exit as well. By the time we made it through the sea of traffic, found parking  for less than $50, and begged a couple of strangers to take a look under our hood because the van had started over-heating, we had to really hustle to get to Ford Field. Then we had to wait in line at will call to pick up our tickets, and wait in line again to get inside the stadium...just in time to hear the announcer starting the show. So much for arriving early!

About the only thing I knew about Monster Jam ahead of time was that it involved big trucks and it was loud. I came prepared, with ear plugs for the whole family. However, I was the only one who used them. Everyone else refused, so I guess the noise didn't bother them. But yes, it was loud. And also there were big trucks. So our expectations were right on. The trucks all have fun, catchy names like Grave Digger and Zombie and Brutus, and they're designed and painted to go along with their name.

The first half of the show was races, and the second half was freestyle. I preferred the freestyle, but unfortunately we thought it best if we leave early to beat the crowd, because we didn't want to risk over-heating the van again on our way out. All four of the kids enjoyed it. We had fun and definitely plan on going back next time Monster Jam is in Detroit. This was also our first time at Ford Field, and we really liked the venue. It was clean, and everything was well marked and easy to find. Next time, though, we are giving ourselves much more time to get there!

(Despite the lack of photographic evidence on display here, Chris and Bethany were with us too! And I have to commend Bethany because she was super SUPER helpful with Mattie!)

Were you at Monster Jam? What did you think? Is going to Monster Jam a tradition in your family?

What? You didn't think she was going to Monster Jam without a hat, did you??

Monster Jam - Ford Field - March 2, 2013
Monster Jam - Ford Field - March 2, 2013

Yes, I'm a dork. I had to take a picture of the oh-so-cute recycle bin!

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I received complimentary tickets to Monster Jam for my family in exchange for helping to promote the show. All opinions are my own.

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